How To Increase Your Ranking With SEO Audit?

How To Increase Your Ranking With SEO Audit?

Hello everyone, in this blog you will be learning how to do SEO audit at an advanced level, below we have nailed down some most powerful point of SEO audit. whether you are a small business owner or big firm, successfully running through these steps will make your site easily appear on SERP.


Identify internal and external links on your site

Backlinks are the vital part of any website, there is no site audit without identifying your site internal links and external links.

What are the internal backlinks?

seo internal link

Internal backlinks are those backlinks that navigate users into other pages

What are then e external backlinks?

seo external backlinks

External are those links that point to other sites instead of your site.

Building an internal link

Internal link helps you create authoritative hierarchies within your pages, it helps your site rank fast because you provide more information to users. This is something which google wants.

A straightforward way to create internal backlinks is with the Moz Bar. Make sure you link those pages that are high in Page Authority. It will help you create a high authoritative hierarchy within your page

Why I am recommending Moz because it helps you find the page authority and Domain authority clearly, you will definitely want to link those pages that are high in page authority. Page and domain authority are not official metrics by google. Google does not use them to index and ranking. This has been built by the SEO software company

Building an external link

External links from the diverse set of the authoritative domain are the essence of increasing your domain authority. One straightforward way to create external links is to search for a resource that could link to your site

Identify thin content:-.

If we talk about thin content then your content is not going to get respect in the SERP page if it is thin. Now the question is what is thin content. Here is your answer, thin content is content that is less than 300 words or if it is auto-generated by any script. Panda, a 2011 google algorithm update will not let you do scams in the form of thin content.

Identify Duplicate content:-

Duplicate content on your site can ruin your site entirely, whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally.

When it is done intentionally we publish duplicate content and unintentionally it can be performed by CMS (content management system) you use. Perhaps your CMS is dynamically creating the new pages that are similar in appearance and have not been canonicalized with search console. WordPress often does it with archive pages.

Google is now smart enough to understand whether you are intentionally or unintentionally duplicating the content to clog the SERP with your site URLs.

If you are concerned with google penalties regarding unintentionally duplicate content then you can walk through this google’s post.

Make Sure About The Meta Tags

Make Sure About The Meta Tags

Meta tags include a meta name and a meta description. They help Google ascertain the content of this webpage it is crawling, and so are just two of the larger factors Google takes into consideration when deciding the sequence in which to rank webpages. They also help users searching through search results ascertain the content of the webpage, and therefore, act as promotions to your own content.

Utilizing your vertical-specific keyword study, compose or rewrite your meta tags, ensuring to optimize them to the keywords which will assist them to appear in search.

Here are some meta tag best practices:

Titles. Maintain your titles under 60 figures, and 90 per cent of them will prevent truncation

Descriptions. Optimal description span has oscillated in the past several decades, but now it stands in 155-160.

Check Page Update Opportunities

Making even little upgrades to a page indicates to Google it ought to crawl that page.

There are two sorts of content which need to be updated frequently. These are the webpages which drive the most traffic to your company. Updating them guarantees they will continue to push visitors to your company.

The next is the”opportunity page” A chance page is a webpage that, if it was to move up marginally at the SERP, could profit a significant increase in traffic

Run Page Speed Analytics

Run Page Speed Analytics

Page rate is vital–particularly after Google launched its Speed Update in May. This is partly because of increases in cellular hunting. Anybody working with mobile to search for things on the world wide web is not likely to wait around for a slow-loading website. That usually means the quicker your website is, the more probable Google will be to benefit you with powerful organic positions.

Finest tool for web page speed analytics:-:-

  1. Gtmetrix
  2. Page Speed Insight
Scan for Site Errors

By way of instance, if a page on your website links to a bit of content which has since been deleted, then anyone who clicks that link will probably find a 404 error.

In contrast to the popular view, broken links do not result in website penalties. As content bicycles in and out, along with your website’s structure varies as time passes, 404s happen naturally. Nevertheless, broken connections in darkened areas can violate your internal linking structure.

HTTP to HTTPS: Make the Switch
HTTP to HTTPS  Make the Switch

In today’s digital marketing era, those sites who are only run on HTTP requests are probably insecure. HTTPS is more faster and more secure and is one of Google’s ranking signals. So it is recommended to make a switch on HTTPS.

It will be good if you learn SEO Course in Delhi yourself by joining the Digital Marketing Course in Laxm Nagar.

Note:- Do not forget to use 301 redirection code once you installed the SSL certificate in your site. Otherwise, it will cost you canonicalization issues, or Google may penalise you for being a duplicate site.


There is no prescribed recipe for an effective search engine optimization audit. Google is a mysterious beast. It alters its algorithm nearly daily, and it seldom tells us why he did this. 

Whatever tips we have nailed above are time tested core elements of a successful SEO audit.

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