Complete WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners Step by Step

Complete WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners Step by Step

In this ultimate guide, we will share the best WordPress SEO tips and steps to improve your website organic ranking.


We all know the concept of optimizing for WordPress SEO could be intimidating for beginners, especially if you’re not a technology geek.

But do not worry — it does not need to be complex. Start here to find out the Fundamentals, and you Can Begin applying them to your own Site

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique used by site owners to get more visitors by rank higher in search engines.

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Search engine optimization is not about manipulating google or the google system. It is simply about developing a site which has optimized code and formatting that makes it effortless for search engines to locate your site.

If users search the internet for those subjects you write on, your search-engine-optimized content will appear higher in the search results, and you will receive more people clicking through to your site.

Why SEO is important

Search engines are often the largest source of visitors for the majority of sites.

However, those calculations are not perfect — they still require your help to know exactly what your content is all about.

If your content is not optimized, then search engines will not understand how to position it. When people search for the subjects you write on, your site will not show up in the search results, and you’re going to lose out on traffic.

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It’s actually essential for many business owners to produce their site search engine friendly, so they can optimize their traffic.

Basics of WordPress SEO

SEO can get specialized, but it does not need to be. Just learning a couple of basic search engine optimization tips to maximize your website may provide you with a noticeable increase in your site traffic.

You do not need to become a tech genius to utilize the methods below.

Let us begin optimizing your site.

Doing Keyword Research for Your Website

Many novices use their best guesses to determine what topics people are searching for and exactly what they need to increase their website and blog traffic.

It makes it possible to find words users enter into search engines to locate content, goods, and services on your business.

After that, you can use those words and phrases to your site to get more traffic.

There are a whole lot of keyword research programs (both paid and free ) which you may utilize. We advocate using Google Keyword Planner, it makes it possible to find keywords and also figure out the keywords where your competitors are rank.

For keyword research tool we have created a separate blog for this follow the link (Free Keyword Tools That Beat THe Paid Ones)

Check Your Website Visibility Settings

WordPress includes an integrated choice to conceal your site from search engines. The objective of this choice is to give you the time to work on your own site before it is ready to go to people.

But occasionally this option can get assessed unintentionally and it makes your site inaccessible to search engines.

Check Your Website Visibility Settings

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Among the greatest parts about WordPress is that there is a plugin for all, and SEO isn’t any exclusion. There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress SEO plugins that make it tougher for novices to pick the finest WordPress SEO plugin.

Rather than installing different plugins for individual search engine optimization tasks, we’ll help you pick the ideal WordPress SEO plugin which does it all, and it is 100% free.

Choosing the Best WordPress SEO Plugin

If it comes to deciding on the ideal WordPress SEO plugin, then you’ll probably narrow down your choices to the two most well-known alternatives: Yoast SEO or All in 1 SEO Pack.

Both of them are powerful solutions, and we have completed a pros and cons contrast between both of them.

Add XML Sitemaps in WordPress

Add XML Sitemaps in WordPress
 Add XML Sitemaps in WordPress for cpenal

An XML Sitemap is a specially formatted document that lists each and every page on your site. This makes it effortless for search engines to locate all your content.

While incorporating an XML sitemap doesn’t boost your website’s search positions, it will help search engines locate the pages immediately and begin to rank them.

To discover your sitemap, simply use


Add Your Site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console also called Webmaster Tools, is a pair of resources provided by Google to provide site owners to check out just how their content is observed from the search engine optimization.

You also get to find out the real search phrases people are using to find your site, how every webpage appears in the search results, and also just how frequently your pages are clicked.

All of this information can help you understand what is working on your website and what is not. After that, you can organize your content plan accordingly.

Google Search Console also alerts you if there’s something wrong with your site, like if search crawlers cannot get it, locate duplicate content or limited resources.

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Optimizing Your Website Posts for SEO

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process which you need to keep up with if you would like to see maximum results.

All leading search engine optimization plugins permit you to add a name, description, and concentrate keyword to each blog page and post. Additionally, it shows you a preview of exactly what users will see if they Google your site.

We advise that you optimize your name and description to acquire maximum clicks.

When writing your site article, just scroll down to the search engine optimization section and take the whole benefit of it.

Optimizing Your Website Posts for SEO
WordPress SEO Best Practices

If you observe the fundamentals of WordPress SEO and utilize the very best WordPress SEO plugin, you may be ahead of all sites.

But if you would like better results, then you want to adhere to the WordPress SEO best methods under.

These are not too specialized and many will not even ask that you get any code. However, they will make a significant impact if you trace them.

Properly Using Tags and Categories in WordPress

WordPress permits you to type your blog articles into groups and tags. This makes it effortless for you to manage your articles by issues, and for the users to locate the content they’re searching for.

Frequently beginners get confused about how to utilize tags and groups. After describing this to tens of thousands of subscribers, here is how we approach tags and groups.

Categories are intended for the comprehensive compilation of your articles. If your site was a publication, then classes are going to be the table of material.

As an instance, on a personal site, you’ll have classes like food, music, travelling, etc.

On the flip side, tags are more special keyword phrases that describe the contents of a personal post. As an instance, a blog article registered under the food categories and it can have tags such as broccoli, broccoli, pancakes, etc.. Consider them as indicators section at a textbook.

Make Internal Linking a Habit
Make Internal Linking a Habit

Search engines assign every page on your site a score (page authority). The secret for the score is kept confidential so that individuals can’t match the results. On the other hand, the most usual signs of authority are hyperlinks.

That is the reason it’s crucial that you connect to your content in the other blog pages and posts.

This can allow you to enhance your page views, raises time customers spend on your website and ultimately will enhance the search engine optimization score of your personal blog pages and posts.

Optimize WordPress Comments

Comments can be a strong sign of consumer participation on your site. Engaged users mean more hyperlinks back to your website, more visitors, and enhanced SEO.

But you have to ensure your remarks are actual rather than spam. Spammers submit remarks with bad links that could impact and even mess up your search positions.

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That is the reason why we recommend everyone to begin using Akismet. It’s one of those 2 plugins that come pre-installed with each WordPress website, also it helps you fight comment spam.

If your site articles attract a great deal of real, spam-free remarks, then you need to pat yourself on the shoulder for constructing this kind of engaging site!

(Read below to discover more about how speed changes SEO.)

NoFollow External Links in WordPress

As stated previously, links assist search engines to determine which pages are significant. When you connect to a site, you’re passing a few of your website’s SEO score to this connection. This search engine optimization score is known as “link juice”

For great search positions, you have to be certain you are generating more link juice from various other sites.

Adding the “no follow” attribute to an external link educates search engines to not follow these links. This makes it possible to save juice.

A normal external link looks like this in HTML:

<a href=””>Example Website</a>

An external link with the nofollow attribute looks like this:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Example Website</a>

By default, WordPress doesn’t include an option called Nofollow. However, you are still able to easily do this by manually altering links.

NoFollow External Links in WordPress

In the above image you can now see the HTML code of your link. Change the attribute to rel=”nofollow”

Speed and Security for WordPress SEO

Even in case, you follow all of the WordPress SEO tips and best techniques previously, if your website is slow or has pulled down by a hacker, your search engine positions are going to have a large hit.

Here is the way to prevent your website from dropping search engine visitors because of slow operation or lax security.

Optimize Your Site’s Speed and Performance

Web usability specialists think that users determine whether they wish to remain or depart in a couple of seconds of seeing a web site.

Meaning that as a site owner, you simply have a couple of moments to exhibit your content and participate in customers. You do not need to squander this valuable time which makes your visitor wait for your site to load. Search engines such as Google now rank quicker sites higher than slow-loading sites.

Optimizing Images in WordPress for SEO

If you aren’t careful with picture quality and sizes, then they could slow down your site.

You have to Be certain that you use pictures which are optimized for load quicker.

Alt text tags help search engines know what your picture is all about.

WordPress lets you easily add name and alt tags once you upload a picture.

Optimizing Images in WordPress for SEO


Security and Safety of Your WordPress Site

Every week, Google blacklists about 60,000 sites for malware and about 50,000 for phishing. When a website is blacklisted then it will not appear in any search results whatsoever.

This usually means that the safety of your WordPress website is vital for good positions.

The Fantastic news is that it is not that difficult to maintain your WordPress site secure

Security and Safety of Your WordPress Site

SSL certificate provides an extra security layer to your WordPress website.

Sites secured by SSL are indicated by a padlock signal from the browser’s address bar. This makes your site more dependable, and it’s required if you’re operating an online shop with WordPress and processing sensitive payment details.

Conclusion:- This blog has a basic guide of Search Engine Optimization we will come with the second part of this blog as well, In this Complete WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step) you have learnt basic techniques that will give you a basic understanding of SEO.

So this is it from this blog, We hope you all liked reading this blog.

Apart from this if you would like to learn advanced SEO then kindly enroll in our Advanced SEO training in Delhi course.

Thank you for being so patient and give yourself a pat on your back as a reward by Author Yaman Kumar (AIDM Marketing Trainer.)



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