What are the things required for google AdSense approval?

What are the things required for google AdSense approval?

In this blog, we will help you get approved with Google Adsense. A Complete guide of Google Adsense approval.

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Let’s begin, 

Are you really interested in asking Google AdSense acceptance to acquire acceptance and get started making cash with your site?

That’s the fantasy of each blogger to find the acceptance of AdSense.

But wait..

That’s not straightforward. Google AdSense is quite strict in regards to approving a new program. Everybody attempts to fool AdSense to accept it, therefore they’ve made the process difficult.

Do not worry you aren’t alone.

In the following guide, I’ll share with you whatever you have to do prior to applying to the Google AdSense program to find acceptance.


Here are the most frequently encountered rejection motives and Google AdSense requirements you need to bear in mind before we get into particulars.

1. Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content

Your site does not have sufficient text for Google pros to assess.

Google gives a whole lot of attention and value to the material of this site before taking it. If the content is badly written and contains grammatical errors Google will reject the site straight away.

Not just the content has to be grammatically correct, it has to be unique and needs to give value to the readers and users of their site. Hence that the number one reason is that the badly written articles on your site.

2. Page Type / Layout of your blog

Websites that are poorly equipped and are difficult for people to comprehend becoming rejected by Google AdSense. You need to have a nice and neat design that conveniences the attention and is amazing from the appearance.

3. Not Having Privacy Policy, Contact Us or About Us Page

There are a number of pages that you have to have before implementing for Google AdSense if you would like to get accepted.

Remember that using a privacy page can also be among the prerequisites for Google AdSense.

4. If Your Website or Blog Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Privacy Policies

Google AdSense Privacy Policies

No rich, distinctive and significant articles, no organic visitors, pages with little to no initial content or poor user experience via clear navigation and business.

Your site might be the one which pushes traffic through illegal resources, websites with excessive keywords or badly coded layout are often rejected.

So you want entire guidance and record of things which you have to do prior to applying for Google AdSense.


1. Write High-Quality Content

  • This is quite an important thing that you can not discount at any price.
  • Google enjoys the website that are supplying high-quality articles and its customers are appreciating it. Remember your program will be assessed by people and you need to impress them to have accepted by AdSense.
  • High-quality content…
  • Is distinctive and first
  • With appropriate headings and bullet lists.
  • Free of grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • is long enough
  • Useful and enlightening

2. Create a Privacy Policy Page for Your Website and blog.

Among the common mistakes that many new bloggers. Though there are individuals around who say that using a privacy policy to get a website does not make sense but they’re mistaken!

The very first step you’ll have to submit an application for Google AdSense and obtain acceptance is the privacy policy of your own blog or site. If you do not have it you can’t get acceptance easy is that.

Why is it significant?

It is need of AdSense and second, this privacy policy implies you aren’t a scam and provides the feeling of a critical organization. Google will assess the remaining conditions only in the event that you’ve got this policy.

A solitude actually describes to readers about what they will get in your site, what they need to do and what they shouldn’t. So clearly there’s not anything bad in getting a privacy policy. When it can impact somehow in your AdSense acceptance, you have to give it a go.

The WordPress already includes a characteristic today which lets you rapidly create privacy authorities webpage with only one click away. The other choice is to utilize Privacy Policy Generators on the internet (You do not require a lawyer anyhow ). Look for solitude police illustrations and you’ll discover many.

3. Create About Page

This also demonstrates that there’s a real person behind the site.

An About page features a significant role and significance even in the event that you don’t need to submit an application for AdSense.

About page only explain you and your own blog. This won’t only help you establish a connection with readers but additionally, it will cause them to trust you.

4. Setup A Contact Us Page

It’s quite evident that everyone has their very own opinion.

What among your readers enjoys may be bothering somebody else. Then it’s much better to provide them with a chance to talk your decision and tell how they feel on your site, what they are interested in being edited, what they enjoyed or loathed.

Produce a contact page, if at all possible add your email which you will use for Google AdSense.

By producing this you’re telling Google that we take care of our clients, traffic and we are prepared to aid them. They could contact us everywhere.

It is going to also demonstrate the Google AdSense Team which is seeing your website which you truly care for your visitors and not merely the cash and AdSense.

Have a look at my contact page to find some thought.

5. Have a Clear Navigation Menu

Most Important thing: Google AdSense site within their rejection email your site needs to have a clear navigation menu to help your visitors find your webpages and get the articles until you consider applying again for AdSense.

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Thus, what you have to do is to focus in your menu by incorporating all vital classes and pages i.e around us, contact us and privacy policy to assist your readers easily discover the content they are searching for. The more you care about enhancing your traffic experience the greater chances are going to be to get accepted by AdSense.

When you employ do not forget to place your name and email address in a certain readily visible area such as contact and about pages. It will confirm to Google AdSense staff it is the identical individual who employed AdSense and not a few junks, robots that are crappy.

This will accelerate the confirmation procedure and in no time, you will have the ability to enjoy a completely approved AdSense account.

6. Have Some Good Number Of Posts
AdSense good quality articles

According to my experience, the very best time to use for AdSense consideration is when you’ve got 20 good quality articles. Your blog posts span should be 600+ phrases with quality articles.

After all this been implemented on your site you will get approval within a few days

I hope you like this blog and learnt something new.

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Thank you for being so patient 

Regards AIDM

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