Why Site audit is an important factor in SEO?

Why Site audit is an important factor in SEO?

We can say many reasons to do a site audit on our websites. You have to join the best SEO training in Delhi to become an expert in a site audit. If you are running a website then it is necessary to know more about site audit. Then only you can rank your site in search engine. That is why we say that site audit is an extremely important factor in SEO.

It is a process to check the status of the search engine friendliness of a website in a different number of areas. The main aim of a site audit is to help a website to get optimized then only it will achieve high rankings in search engine results. Different types of tools are available in the market to do the site audit process. We can choose the right tool to do site audit on your website or else you can do this task by learning Digital Marketing Course in Laxmi Nagar.

The SEO expert will monitor our site and explain the problems to be fixed along with the changes to be done to improve the rank in search engines. We have to follow the instruction of SEO experts to improve our site rankings. If you don’t want to follow any other person’s instruction then you should do any available SEO courses in Delhi.

Google will make so many updates in its ranking algorithm in a year so that some of the techniques that we use today will not work after six months in SEO. Things will change quickly in the case of SEO. We have to update ourselves to sync with the changes. With the help of a site audit, you can sync with the updates happening in google algorithms.

We have to do a site audit at least twice in a year to know whether our website is up to date with the latest changes or developments. You should join any SEO training course in Delhi to know more about Site audit

Let me explain what are the important things which come under Site audit. I have checked important updates about SEO to know more about the Site audit process. You have to check all the factors which come under Site audit and become SEO Expert in Delhi.

Some of the common and important factors which come under Site audit are given below.    

  • Canonical Issue
  • Duplicate content
  • Schema
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Heading tags
  • Broken links
  • Webpage speed test
  • Mobile-friendly website

Canonical Issues in your sites?

When our website is opening in different URLs then the site is facing canonical issues. It is happening due to improper placement of 301 redirects. If it is not placed properly then the search engine crawlers get confused while indexing the correct version of a particular website. It can resolve by using 301 redirects properly to avoid such confusion.

We don’t have time to check whether the site is opening in the URL or not. While doing site audit then we can know if the issue is there on our site or not. SEO institute Delhi helps you to learn SEO through practical classes.

Duplicate content is available on your website?


The number of contents that completely match with other contents available on other websites which we can say as a duplicate content. With the help of SEO tools, we can check whether any duplicate content exists on our site or not. If duplicate content is there on our site may slow down google for finding new content on the site. Unique content is mandatory to rank our site.

You have to avoid duplicate content to rank your site asap. To know more about such kinds of issues that affect your site ranking then you should join any SEO institute in Delhi.

Do you know the use of Schema?

It is used in microdata formats in HTML to improve the view of search engines read and represent our sites in SERP. It helps to increase the SERP results of our site in the search engine. While searching anything about the sites the SERP results pages of the search engine should show detailed results.

It is also an important factor of site audit which helps our sites in ranking. To give proper schema tags in microdata format you should have more knowledge about SEO. Increase your knowledge of SEO by joining in any SEO training institute in Delhi.

What is Robots.txt?

what is robots.txt
aidm robots.txt

It is a type of text file which helps web crawlers to crawl the pages of websites and also explain to the crawlers that which are the pages of sites not to be crawled. This text file is a very important factor you need to keep in your site to avoid access to private pages where our passwords and other admin details stored.

 It is mandatory in e-commerce sites where we use our bank details for shopping purposes which should not be crawled by any crawlers. Robots.txt file is the main factor in site audit that everyone should know about it especially while running an e-commerce business. Join the best SEO institute in Delhi to increase your knowledge about SEO.

What is the use of a Sitemap?

sitemap structure for seo

Simply we can explain that the sitemap is an XML file that contains all web pages URLs of a website. It helps the crawlers to find where the information is available on websites. The protocols used in sitemaps allows a webmaster to inform about the URLs available in websites for crawling. It helps the crawlers for detail crawling of websites.

sitemap structure

It is also known as the root of the domain. We do site mapping for indexing of our site which is very necessary for our ranking purpose. When the indexing is not happening on our site then we do manual requests for indexing through the webmaster tool. Detailed information about the sitemap should be learned from SEO training Delhi.

Why are Heading tags used?

Why are Heading tags used

It helps to provide proper structure and context to our articles. Header tags are an important factor for SEO. When we use separate header tags in different pages of your website then the search engine takes keywords from the content and header tags which helps your site get optimized easily.

We can use our keywords in our header tags for easy optimization for featured snippets. You should prefer interesting keywords as header tags. For more details, you should join any SEO classes in Delhi.

What are the broken links?

What are the broken links page not found

The broken links mean that the sites are getting backlinks from any other page which is currently not available and it shows a 404error page. It is a big problem for your site. We have to check this on priority because it increases the bounce rate of the website.

We have to create a 404 page in website links or else we can redirect the 404 pages to other existing pages. If we redirect then there is no increase in bounce rate and audience improvement will increase.

If your site bounce rate increases then there will be a negative impact on your site quality score that will affect the SEO. So that the broken link is also an important factor that you know when you do SEO training in Delhi.

Why is the page speed test important?

Google will verify the speed of the webpage for ranking purposes. If the speed of the site is very slow then you may lose potential customers. The site should be load fast then only you will get more traffic and good ranking.

Why is the page speed test important

If the page is not loading fast then users will leave the site then the bounce rate will increase which is not good for sites. We have to take care of it seriously, if the bounce rate increases above 70% then there may be a chance that the site will get penalized.

Site speed test tools:

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

GT Metrix

GT metrix

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools

More detailed information about site audit will learn from any SEO course Delhi. Join and learn SEO from any institute.

Why should we keep our site mobile friendly?

Nowadays people mostly use the internet through mobile. Sites are mostly accessed through high-speed internet which is available on mobile. Our websites should be mobile friendly then only people can access it from mobile easily.


When people get high-speed internet through mobile so most people prefer mobile which is easy to use and carry. An important factor that brings users to our sites. If you want more engagement in sites then it should be mobile-friendly.

Google has adopted some mobile policy for first indexing which is due to the number of people accessing the internet through the mobile. According to the policy, Google will check that the site is mobile-friendly or not.

When you are creating a website, it should be mobile-friendly which helps you for easy indexing of sites. Critically factors should be learning from any SEO institute.

List of the most popular SEO audit tools are given below 

how tot site audit
  • www.woorank.com
  • www.seoptimer.com
  • https://sitechecker.pro
  • www.thehoth.com
  • seositecheckup.com
  • www.seobility.net
  • www.rankwatch.com
seo site audit

With the help of these tools, we can do an SEO audit. Other tools are also available in the market for audit purposes. Some of them are paid and others are free. 

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