a complete guide on GMB

a complete guide on GMB

Google my business is the free tool by Google that is used by business organizations to manage their online presence on search engines. If you are planning to do local SEO then getting your business listed on Google My Business page and its optimization could be major stakeholder in getting your website or page ranking on the search engine result page. How many of you know about Google my business page, I think a very few of us knew about it. But don’t worry if you are not aware of this term, in this blog we will be not only discussing about this term but we will be going deep into this term discussing all dimensions of Google my business so without wasting any time let’s just get started.

What is Google my business

 As the name implies, it allows a business to register itself on Google or in simple words, getting one’s business listed on Google. This process includes variety of activities such as adding your business name, working hours, address, contact number, location on a map, pictures, customer reviews and many more such activities that help your to business to connect with your customer. As whenever a customer searches about your business any term related to business, then you want them to have the complete details about your business such as your contact number, address, mail id, etc. So this way Google My Business removes this hindrance of communication and increases the chances of conversion and getting a lead.

However we will be discussing in detail the advantages of Google My Business further in this blog, but here a brief introduction about it. Google My Business is an invaluable resource for both companies and users as it offers a variety of perks to both of the Google My Business is an invaluable resource for both companies and users as it offers a variety of perks to both of them, em. Such as it allows customers and companies to interact with each other through reviews, which are beneficial for both as it helps company to get feedback of its product and service which could help them to know their product better and make further changes. It is beneficial for consumers as it allows them to know about the services of the business through the reviews of other customers.

So now let’s try to understand this with the help of an example-

 Let’s say you search any local keyword on your search engine such as Digital Marketing Company in Delhi or it could be any other local keyword, depending upon what you want to search for.


Then your search engine will show results as follow on your Search Engine Result Page for digital marketing course in Laxmi Nagar.

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The result is featured at the top, after ads, are Google My Business page results, showing results for all the nearby pizza shops with a brief description of their businesses along with details such as working hours, contact number, address, etc. Moreover, we can get to know more about a particular business by clicking on to its name. Then the following window will appear on our screen describing the business.


In this window, we can find the following features such as-

  • Contact number
  • Website URL
  • Address
  • Pictures of their company
  • Opening hours
  • Customer review
  • Ratings
  • Posts

And many more such options, about we will be discussing in detail further in this blog.

Is Google My Business free?

Yes, Google My Business is an absolutely free feature offered by Google. This means that any business can sign up on to Google my business and get their business listed. But the only condition is that the business must have some physical presence i.e. some office or a place where it operates. It should not be 100% online business, as in order to verify the business Google sends a verification code to the address mentioned while creating an account on Google My Business.

How to rank on google fast rank and effectively?

In case you receive a call regarding your Google My Business listing being expired or demanding for payment for its renewal, then it’s definitely a spam call. There is no need to entertain such spam calls, as Google does not charge any cost for its Google My business feature.

Benefits of Google My Business

In today’s digital era where everyone uses their mobile phone for local searches, then getting your business listed on Google My Business page increases the chances of conversion and promotion on the product. According to recent researches, it has been found that about 50% people using mobile phones for local searches end up going to the store. This clearly tells about the endless potential of Google My Business feature and that too for free.

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So here is list of few advantages of Google My Business-

  1. Helps in generating leads– Google My Business can even help me selling a product or generating a lead. According to reports of Google, the “nearby” or “near me” searches have increased by 500 times and it has been found that about 50% of people using mobile phones for local searches end up going to the store. In the case of local searches, Google shows Google My Business profiles. So it is important for a business to maintain a Google My Business profile.
  • It allows the customer to leave a review- A business must never neglect a customer review as they even have an impact over the search engine ranking of the business. Moreover, they can even help in improving the product which has a direct impact on sales of the product. A positive customer review even helps in improving the brand image of the company.
  • Customer interaction- Google My Business even allows us to interact with customers by posting pictures, responding to customer reviews. All this helps in optimizing the profile as well as increases the chances of conversion.
  • It is free and easy to use- Google My Business is a free tool as Google does not charge any amount for getting your business listed on Google My Business page and this can even help a company in managing its online presence. Moreover, it is a very handy tool to use with a very simple interface so that the user does not face any problem in using it.
  • Helps in SEO- Businesses that are listed on Google My Business page have high chances of getting ranked on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) of Google in comparison to the businesses that are not listed on Google My Business. As it increases the online presence of the business moreover it also helps in generating more leads, resulting in increased revenue. 

How to set up Google My Business?

Setting up a Google My Business account for any business involves a very simple process, which involves the following steps-

How to set up Google My Business

1. Sign up for an account-

If your company does not has a Google My Business profile then there is no need to worry as any business can be easily listed on Google by sighing up at      https://www.google.com/business/ or it can be accessed directly from our mobile phone through Google My Business app. After this click on “Manage now”

And then continue with creating your listing on Google My Business. If in case your business is already listed on Google without your knowledge then you can even claim it.  

While creating a new account on Google might ask following things about one’s business-

  • Business name
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Website URL (optional)
The first step for creating a Google My Business account

2. Enter business details:

Once you have successfully created your Google My Business account or have claimed your account, then Google asks for all the details about one’s business that is to be displayed onto the Google My Business profile of the company whenever anyone searches for it on Google. The details that Google asks for are as follow-

  • Name
  • Working hours
  • Address
  • Industry that business operates into such as Marketing, I.T. etc.
  • Pictures related to business

  P.S.  Pictures being uploaded on to Google My Business profile must be related to the niche of that particular business such as if your business is of tours

and travels then pictures uploaded must be of different locations and places not of dishes or of the restaurant. In case you are into a window tinting

Business one can upload their portfolio. Moreover adding relevant pictures even helps in optimizing our Google My Business profile about

which we will be studying further into this blog.

The sole purpose of all these activities is to generate leads and connect to our clients and doing adding all such information and pictures is the best way for us to connect through our clients.

The second step for creating a Google My Business listing

3. Verify your account-

After you are done with entering all the details and uploading all the relevant pictures about your business, then comers the most crucial part of creating a Google My Business profile that is the verification of your profile. In simple words, it is to ensure whether the business listed is authentic or not. Moreover it is to make sure that business is not indulged into some fraudulent or illegal activities or any such activity that violate the guidelines of Google.

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But before verifying your account once review all the information and details that you have mentioned about your business and then verify your account. There are multiple ways to verify the account such as-

  • Mail
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Google search console

For faster verification, at times people prefer to use Google search console to verify their account- but one can avail of this option only when they used this option only when your business is already confirmed in Google search console. After this process, you will receive an OTP from Google through a courier within the next 14 days. Then the OTP received is to be entered into the Google My Business account.

After this step, we are done with the set up of our Google My Business account.

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