Is PHP programming language dying? (Experts feedback)

Is PHP programming language dying? (Experts feedback)

PHP has been a popular programming language among IT Developers, it was released in the year 1995. It made the developers life easy with its server-side activities but in recent years the experts have seen some dip in its graph.

The reason behind the dip in its graph is the other language which has gain popularity and many developers are preferring another programming language like Python going with the need of the IT industry.

But have you heard the famous proverb “OLD is GOLD”

If yes, then the situation of PHP language is similar to it.

So the answer to the question.

Is PHP programming language is dying?

The answer is “NO”. Despite losing the popularity it has deep-rooted language which will never die.

The reason is that many CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc are supported by PHP and like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia numerous giant website are created based on this language and millions are in the developing state.

If we see the stats, almost 75% of the websites in the world are based on PHP, so how one can predict that it is dying language.

Is the question is simply emerging in the mischievous personalities of developers since today everything is moving to customer-side demand, for example, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, and so on? Because a solitary language lets us state Node.js is getting mainstream for the time being doesn’t show that it will supplant this or some other language. Both have their own uniqueness and specifications.

There is no need to be sceptical about the way that it today may get overwhelmed by Python or JavaScript, however, PHP designer’s opportunities are still there in the marketing and offering a decent package. So at this point, if you get clarity about the PHP growth then you can make your career as PHP developer by joining PHP course in Laxmi Nagar Delhi.

PHP language benefits that are not letting it die


Since it is an old programming language, so with its updated version its bugs and errors have been diminished and you can see the feature of the latest PHP 7. It will definitely amaze the mind of a PHP developer.

Huge worldwide present

It is used by the developer of everywhere and it has decent demand globally which makes it perfect to learn. As a programmer, you do not need to set up a special environment for implementing it on any platform.

It is hard to believe that it can also work with LINUX which is one of the most secure and complicated operating systems.

PHP based websites are quite easy to update, is assure security since it is a server-side language and has nothing to do with the client-side.

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Great Top PHP libraries

Top 35 PHP Libraries

We all the websites are publishing in abundance and client want to give a unique and best look & feel it website so they expect from developers to create something interesting.

To fulfil this demand, PHP contains a huge list of libraries which are Dispatch, Klein, ImageWorkshop, Snappy, Idiom, Buzz, Carbon, Ubench, Validation, Upload and many more are there. These libraries made the life of developers easy.

How these libraries help you?

These are some tasks that you can perform with these libraries easily.

  • Provide user-friendly, simple and clean API
  • Show errors with syntax highlighting
  • Read to use functions for various web services
  • Support multiple caching techniques
  • PHP code debugging
  • Error handling etc
PHP code debugging

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Abundant Documentation

As its one of the most popular scripting language for server-side, you don’t need its documentations for various sites which directly help the developers to solve any query.

At present, a lot of CMS based on PHP are running in the marketing like WordPress which is perfect where it can be understood that developers can take advantage of its documentation.

Here are the facts that you usually find a documentation

Inline comments
  • Inline comments
  • Various class methods & functions
  • Multiple file headers
  • A detailed explanation of class with its properties
  • Explanations of hooks which includes actions and filters.

Sufficient experts & professionals

A PHP developer can find a huge team of professionals who will help to clear your doubts. It has a wide community where professionals are present to support you with their decades of experience in the industry.

PHP Useful Frameworks

Frameworks of any programming language provide the basic structure of websites which help to speed up the project and save time as well as effort. With the help of these frameworks, a developer can create a responsive website and better performance application. Some of its popular frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend and many more are there.


All these benefits prove that PHP programming language will never die. The reputation and strength which it gains are hard to get very difficult to fall down. If you want to become an expert in this field, you can take some guidance from AIDM which is one of the best PHP training institutes of Laxmi Nagar Delhi.

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