Google’s May 2020 Core Update

Google’s May 2020 Core Update

On 4th May 2020, Google again decided to shake the SEO industry and launched another core update of this year. For Indian people, 4th May was the day when Lockdown 3.0 was implemented across the entire country.

Obviously, the reason behind it was COVID 19

On the same day, Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed on his official twitter handle that Google has changed something in its core algorithm.

He has confirmed the name of this update “May 2020 Core Update”. No funny name or no cute animals name to imagine.


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What is May 2020 Core Update?

In the starting of 2020, Google has first updated its algorithms in the month of January, due to which the SEO industry has witnessed some drastic changes.

Although it took two weeks to fully rolled out, a lot of websites from different niches got affected

The newest update i.e May 2020 Core Update also affected SERP result which can be seen in SERP volatility test.


The average volatility rate due to January’s core update was 8 points, registered on 6 May 2020 and average volatility rate dure to May core update is 9 to 9.5, that shows, it much stronger and influencing more Website’s SERP Position.

A glimpse of what has affected due to May 2020 Core Update

  • Local search businesses
  • Health-related sites
  • Rolling out worldwide
  • Multiple languages simultaneously

Experts are assuming that it is the widest rolled out an update since 2003.

Covid-19 Effect on Search Algorithm?

Some experts from the SEO industry assuming that COVID 19 may have influenced Google’s Algorithm that intends what people want to see when they are making search queries.

There is a possibility that COVID 19 pandemic affected the search patterns that is why Google brought up new change in its algorithm

Without question, the pandemic affected search patterns.


Who is on the winning or losing side Due to May 2020 Core Update?

When a core update comes from Google, it influenced a lot of business and bring a noticeable change in the search engine result page across all countries.

Due to coronavirus pandemic, we can expect there would be less user queries related to travel, tourism, real estate, movies and live events. So many categories similar to these may have seen volatility with no surprise.


The list shows the websites which got benefitted from Google May core update 2020

However, there would be many areas where volatility has seen due to this core update in the algorithm but we can not ignore the areas affected from COVID 19.


The list shows the websites which lost their ranking due to Google May core update 2020

If we consider the SEMrus volatility sensor values and analysed the values 7 days before and 2 days after the update, we can easily observe the most influenced categories are Travel, Real Estate, Health, Pets & Animals, and People & Society

This result is similar to both, mobile result and desktop result. And it has observed that many giant domains are highly affected as well. Their traffic just reduced to half what they were getting earlier.

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What does this update targets in Website?

It is really important to understand that Google core update does not target any specific indirectly for a specific reason.

A change in any industry SERP doesn’t mean that the industry or niche particularly targeted by Google update

Experts of the SEO industry observed that rolling out broad core update may depend on the user search intent. If the top pages in SERP don’t fit the user’s search queries then their ranking may get affected.

let’s take an example of a medical-related site for a better understanding of search intent.

If Google finds that the users want a scientific answer for health queries then a negative impact can be seen on the websites with so-called “natural” remedies.

so medical-related sites seem to be affected, like the websites having scientific answers may rank on the top and the websites having natural remedies answers for particular search queries may be seen affected.

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Does this update focus on quality?

Google never has the intention to rank low-quality sites. What matter the most, is a particular website satisfies the user search query?

If it does, then it may be seen in the top of the SERP.

Google doesn’t rank a website for its high-quality content to design, it ranks a website which is relevant to the search queries.

Google doesn’t rank a web page because it’s on a high-quality site. It ranks a web page because it is relevant.

How to deal with Google May core update 2020?

If you are seeking for the answer that could help you in this storm, then the answer remains the same. You should follow the Google updates guidelines.

The answer remains same, we can’t do anything regarding Google core algorithm updates that can change our ranking. What we can do is, improving our website content quality.

Google has always keep clearing its intention that, de-ranking of any website after Google algorithm updates shows a single thing i.e the particular website is relevant for the user search queries.

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Google core updates are designed on the basis of what the user’s search queries are?

So what you can do is, start evaluating your website and check that is your website fulfil the users need with authentic information. Based on this fact start preparing for your SEO and content strategies.

Spend more time on creating an effective content understanding the user needs and provide facts, tips & data as per the user search queries and make your website suitable for all Google standards.

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It is recommended that wait until the full update is done rolling out after that decide to take any decision about changing your web pages.

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Have you determined any changes in your ranking in the search engine result pages due to Google May core update 2020? You can comment to discuss here.

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