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Do you like photo editing to make photos alluring and kind of attractive? If you are looking for a career in Image editing or graphic designing. Then you should enrol this course now. A two months PhotoShop Training Course has been designed by AIDM (Asian Institute of Digital Marketing) for you. After the completion of two months training, the students will be given Training Certificate by AIDM. As well as after completion of two Months course training, we provide you with the live experience of PhotoShop projects. Which will help you to get hired by the well-reputed company at a decent salary package. If your answer is affirmative then call us right now +91-9205903598.

AIDM (Asian Institute of Digital Marketing) provides Best PhotoShop training in Delhi to get hired in giant business or MNC’s. In our PhotoShop training programme, the candidate will learn about how to create alluring and eye-catching designs with better than average quality to boom in any business.


Adobe Photoshop is software that is used for image editing and graphic design. PhotoShop allows the user to create professional designs for company needs. In other words, the strategic marketing approach to create valuable and eye-catching designs to attract the targeted audience with designing software is called PhotoShop.

PhotoShop is the trending and highly demanding topic in the image editing industry, companies are spending a high amount on creating unique and attractive designs. It is the hottest skill in which a candidate can earn up to lakh. As we all know “PhotoShop has its own space in editing industry”. Even a school student can make money from PhotoShop if he possesses knowledge in image editing.

It is an art of communication with the targeted audience with no intention of selling a product, AIDM offers best PhotoShop training in Delhi with job oriented approach, Our trainer will impart the correct information to the beginners on how to create an engaging design to promote a brand.

Get enrolled for PhotoShop training course and learn the skill to engage the targeted audience with the help of our professional expert trainer.


AIDM offers the best PhotoShop training in Delhi where the students can avail the advantage of this course. AIDM provide In-depth knowledge of PhotoShop course. Apart from teaching we provide “practical exposure” to become competent & proficient in PhotoShop.

Our team consist of an experienced and professional trainer who simplifies the critical and complicated aspects effectively. This training can be performed by college students, school students, entrepreneurs, job seekers who want to grow as the world’s No. 1 designer, so join this course. After finishing this course module, you can create your portfolio and the good news is that you will be trained for interviews from the day one because our institute provides English environment which helps you to get hired by the well-reputed company at decent salary package.

Adobe Photoshop Training Course Fees & Duration

TRACK Week Days Weekend Fast Track
Course Duration 40-60 Days 8 Weekends 7 Days
Hours 2 Hours Per Day 3 Hours Per Day 6+ Hours Per Day
Training Mode Classroom/ Online Classroom/ Online Classroom/ Online

Introduction to Photoshop

  • Introducing Adobe Photoshop
  • Moving a Selection from one image to another
  • Correcting Colours
  • Fixing Details with the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Sharpening the Focus
  • Cropping the Image
  • Text Effects
  • Setting Preferences
  • Choosing Color Settings
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Organizing Palettes & Saving Workspaces

Navigation and Resolution

  • Zooming an Image
  • Scrolling & Panning
  • Changing Resolution & Image Size
  • Using the Navigator Palette
  • Customizing Your ViewCropping

Rotate and Crop

  • Introducing the Crop Tool
  • Cropping with the Crop Tool
  • Cropping with the Marquee Tool
  • Automating Crop & Straighten
  • Straightening with the Measure Tool
  • Cropping with perspective

Color Correction

  • Basic Color Correction
  • Introducing Variations
  • Â Adjusting Color with Variations
  • Correcting Color with Variations
  • Using the Fade Command
  • Modifying Colors with Hue/Saturation
  • Specifying Colors in Hue/Saturation
  • Selecting Color Ranges in Hue/Saturation

Painting with the Edit Tools

  • Introducing the Dodge Tool
  • Introducing the Burn Tool
  • Introducing the Sponge & Focus Tools
  • Pushing Pixels with the Smudge Tool

Red Eye Removal and Recolor

  • Correcting Red Eye
  • Using the Red Eye Tool
  • Recoloring with the Brush Tool
  • Using the Color Replacement Tool

Clone, Heal, and Patch

  • Introducing the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • The Healing Brush & the Options Bar
  • Healing &Fading
  • Creating Textures & Patterns
  • Using the Patch Tool

Using the Selection Tools

  • Introducing the Selection Tools
  • Using the Magic Wand Tool
  • Exploring Magic Wand Options
  • Using the Grow & Similar Commands
  • Selecting with the Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Selecting with the Marquee Tool
  • Saving & Loading a Selection Outline
  • Making a Composite
  • Adding a Drop Shadow
  • Cleaning Up a Selection Edge

Selecting with Color Range

  • Selecting Translucency & Blending mode
  • Defining a Color Range
  • Selecting Image Highlights
  • Compositing Highlights into an Image

Making the Most of History

  • Modifying an Image Using Variations
  • Using the History Brush
  • Understanding History States
  • Fixing Saved Files
  • Choosing History Options
  • Saving Snapshots

Introducing Layers

  • Customizing the Layers Palette
  • Changing the Layer Order, Merging Layers
  • Moving Layers in the Canvas
  • Blending Layers, Creating Adjustment Layer
  • Creating a Clipping Mask
  • Using the Fade Command
  • Using a Levels Adjustment Layer
  • Activating a Layer & Making a Composite
  • Resizing the Canvas
  • Feathering a Selection to Create a Vignette

Groups and Comps

  • Introducing Layer Groups & Comps
  • Applying Blur & Deleting Layer
  • Working with Layer Groups
  • Modifying a Layer Comp

Opacity and Blend Modes

  • Introducing Opacity & Blend Modes
  • Adjusting the Fill Value
  • Understanding Last Document State
  • Changing Blend Modes with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using the Lightening Blend Modes
  • Applying Motion Blur to a Text Layer
  • Updating Layer Comps

Advanced Blending

  • Introducing Advanced Blending
  • Creating a Lens Flare
  • Merging Layers with Screen Mode
  • Merging Blend Modes
  • Adding a Logo Element
  • Grouping & Naming Layers
  • Creating Knockouts
  • Using the Luminance Blend Mode
  • Colorizing a Layer
  • Creating a Knockout from a Layer

Layer Styles

  • Introducing Layer Styles
  • Selecting Layers with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Applying a Drop Shadow to a Layer Styles
  • Directional Inner Glow Using Inner Shadow
  • Adjusting Layer Colors
  • Duplicating Layer Effects
  • Working with the Layers Palette
  • Transparency Masking & Painting with Layer
  • Enabling Layer Masks & Effects
  • Adjusting Opacity & Fill inside Layers
  • Saving & Applying a New Layer Style

Masks and Channels

  • Selecting an Image with the Magic Wand Tool
  • Using the Channels Palette & Mixing
  • Choosing a Blend Mode Best Suited for a Mask
  • Using the Variations Tool to Improve a Mask
  • Fixing the Edge of a Mask Using Inner Glow
  • Selecting a Color Channel Best Suited for a Background Mask
  • Matching the Color Temperature of Images
  • Adjusting Levels in a Color Channel
  • Using the Dodge & Burn Tools to Make a Mask
  • Inverting & Combining Channels for Mask Channels Edges
  • Changing the Color of the Rebuilt Overlay
  • Fixing Masks with the Brush Tool
  • Compositing a Masked Image into Another
  • Fixing Mask Edges with Inner Shadow

Transform and Warp

  • Introducing Transformations
  • Masking with the Levels Command
  • Using Free Transform
  • Duplicating Transformations
  • Transforming Selections
  • Masking with Calculations Command
  • Warping an Image
  • Modifying an Image with a Layer Mask

Creating and Editing Type

  • Working with the Pen Tool
  • Introducing Text
  • Editing Text, Creating Point & Area Text
  • Modifying Existing Text
  • Modifying Multiple Text Layers at Once
  • Using Advanced Formatting Options

Special Type Effects

  • Checking Spelling in a Type Layer
  • Warping & Transforming Text
  • Working with Text on a Path
  • Placing Text inside a Path
  • Using Advanced Text Formatting
  • Adjusting Kerning

Vector-based Shapes

  • Resolving Font Issues
  • Advantages of Vector-Based Shapes
  • Introducing the Vitruvian Man & Shapes
  • Introducing the Shape Tools & Fill
  • Applying a Stroke Layer Effect
  • Using the Exclude Overlapping Command
  • Modifying Shape Using Arrow Tools
  • Intersect, Subtract, Add & Combine Path.
  • Working with the Polygon Tool
  • Deleting Paths & Drawing a Gradient Arrow
  • Working with Custom Shapes
  • Creating a Custom Shape

Printing and Output

  • Using the Print with Preview Command
  • Output Options. Managing Color
  • Using the Printer Dialog Box
  • Using the Contact Sheet II Command
  • Creating a Picture Package
  • Creating a Web Photo Gallery


  • Introducing Actions
  • Creating, Loading & Saving Actions
  • Modifying an Action
  • Playing an Action
  • Deleting & Adding Steps in an Action
  • Applying a Gradient Map
  • Correcting Anti-Aliasing
  • Adding a Drop Shadow
  • Testing an Action
  • Final Comments & Credits

Adjusting Levels

  • Using the Brightness/Contrast Command
  • Adjusting Levels Automatically
  • Using the Auto Commands
  • Adjusting Individual Color Channels

Curves, Shadows, & Highlights

  • When Levels Won’t Do
  • Introducing Curves
  • Using the Histogram Palette
  • Balancing Color in Curves
  • Working with the Pencil Tool
  • Using the Shadow/Highlight Command

Adjustment Layers

  • Pasting an Image into a Selection
  • Using a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
  • Adjustment Layer with a Gradient Mask
  • Using a Levels Adjustment Layer
  • Adjustment Layer without a Layer Mask
  • Adding a Layer Mask or a Vector Mask
  • Using a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer
  • Using an Inverse Adjustment Layer

 Sharpening Focus

  • Introducing the Sharpen Filters
  • Using Unsharp Mask
  • Understanding working Unsharp Mask Works
  • Sharpening a Low Quality JPEG Image
  • Fading & Blending Unsharp Mask
  • Introducing Smart Sharpen
  • Correcting a Lens Blur with Smart Sharpen
  • Correcting Motion Blur with Smart Sharpen

Blurring and Averaging

  • Using Gaussian Blur, Smart Blur
  • Using the Median & Dust & Scratches Filters
  • Creating Box & Surface Blurs
  • Creating Lens & Shape Blurs
  • Creating Motion & Radial Blurs
  • Removing Stray Hairs Using Median
  • Painting a Blur inside of a Layer Mask
  • Reducing Noise & Restoring Highlights
  • Removing JPEG Artifacts
  • Creating Clouds & Adding a Gradient
  • Creating Stars Using the Add Noise Filter
  • Averaging Colors

Filters and Masks

  • Using the Lens Blur Filter
  • Using a Gradient as a Depth Mask
  • Blending Channels to Create a New Mask
  • Using a Mask to Create a Depth of Field Effect
  • Looking at Different Sharpening Results
  • Applying Multiple Filters to a Layer
  • Creating an Edge Mask to Sharpen an Image
  • Applying Smart Sharpen to an Edge Mask

Distort and Displace

  • Using the Spherize Filter
  • Using the Pinch Filter
  • More Distortion Wackiness
  • Making a Lens Correction
  • Introducing Displacement Maps
  • Understanding Displacement Maps
  • Using the Displace Filter
  • Creating a Displacement Map
  • Making Someone Thinner with a Displacement Map


  • Introducing the Liquify Filter
  • Using the Show Backdrop Options
  • Setting Brush Options
  • Warping Images with the Forward Warp Tool
  • Viewing Wireframes with the Show Mesh Command
  • Warping with Other Liquify Tools
  • Restoring & Masking Warped Images
  • Using the Reconstruct Tool to Restore Details
  • Saving & Reloading Wireframe Meshes

Vanishing Point

  • Introducing the Vanishing Point Filter
  • Selecting in Perspective with the Marquee
  • Cloning in Perspective with the Stamp Tool
  • Compositing Images Using Vanishing Point
  • Using Copy Merged in Vanishing Point Tool
  • Fixing Edges with a Black Outer Glow
  • Working with Text in Vanishing Point

Smart Objects

  • Introducing Smart Objects
  • Creating a Smart Object
  • Dynamically Transforming Smart Objects
  • Introduction to Updating Smart Objects
  • Changing the Color of a Transparency Pattern
  • Replacing & Updating Smart Objects
  • Importing Vector Smart Objects
  • Pasting Illustrations as Smart Objects
  • Importing a Raw Image as a Smart Object
  • Final Comments & Credits

Web Application and Animation

  • Defining page setup for web
  • Understanding file formats for web
  • Understanding Pixels & Resolution
  • Creating web patterns
  • Enhancing image for web
  • Creating Web Layout
  • Image Maps
  • Image Slicing
  • Creating Web banners
  • Web Animation in Photoshop
  • Converting Photoshop Layout to HTML in Photoshop


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