Learn Next Level of Machine Learning language From Zero to Hero

Learn Next Level of Machine Learning language From Zero to Hero

Did you order something from zomato today or used that trending social media application TikTok or surfed any website on the internet, if Yes, then you are one of that 85 %people who is now habitual of using these applications and websites and has made them a part of their lifestyle.

So imagine what if you get up one morning and all these applications and websites disappear. How boring our life would become without them? But reconstructing them is not the big issue as the mother of all these applications and websites is Python.

Yes, Python programming language that can easily help you to develop an application and website. Isn’t it quite interesting that anyone can develop a website or application of his choice by just understanding a very easy programming language “Python”?

 Rossum atCentrum Wiskunde&Informatica

Now talking about Python, it is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, in short simple, powerful, general purpose programming language. It was first released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum atCentrum Wiskunde&Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands.

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 Guido van Rossum started implementing python as a hobby project in 1989 Christmas holidays when majority of us are planning for a vacation or spending time with family As many of us might think that this language was named after the snake python but no there is an another interesting story behind the name and creation of this programming language being called as “python”, Guido van Rossum was very much fond of comedy so he named this programming language after a famous BBC comedy show Monty Python’s Flying Circus but not after the name of beautiful snake Python. 

Currently, there are three versions of Python:

  1. Python 1.0 was released on February 1991
  2. Python 2.0 was released on 16 October 2000
  3. Python 3.0 was released on 3 December 20018

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Now, let’s come to the point.

It’s one of the fastest growing language in terms of number of developers who are using it, in terms of number of libraries we have, in terms of number of companies who are using it and in terms of number of areas you can implement it, as it supports subject oriented, process oriented and object oriented programming.

Moreover, the majority of its features support functional programming and aspect oriented programming, these being a few major reasons behind making Python the favorite coding language of programmers. You just think of any technical field you can just implement it without giving a first though such as GUI, Software Learning, Software Development, Web development you can use it anywhere and that’s the reason behind Python being known as “General Purpose Language”.

The interesting fact about this is that it supports both process oriented and object oriented programs. It just simply gives a choice to the user to use it the way he wants to. In short, it is extremely attractive in the field of Rapid Application Development because it offers dynamic typing and dynamic binding options. Python is relatively simpler than another coding language because of its unique readable syntax that helps developers to easily read and translate python code in comparison to other programming languages eventually reducing the cost of development and maintenance of the program.

The language’s core philosophy is summarized in the document The Zen of Python (PEP 20), which includes aphorisms such as:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly.
  • Explicit is better than implicit.
  • Simple is better than complex.
  • Complex is better than complicated.
  • Readability counts.

If this description was overhead for you, so don’t worry you will understand it further in a much better way further in this blog. The only thing that you need to grasp from this session is that Python is a programming language used to develop software on the web and in app form, including mobile. It’s relatively easy to learn, and the necessary tools are available to all free of charge.

If you are willing to learn programming or you have never programmed before then learning python is a very good idea and moreover python programs are very readable making it easy to understand this language for both beginners and professionals.

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 python training near me

Why to consider python while writing software application in python?

  1. Many open source Framework and tools:  Python offers a wide range of frameworks, libraries and development tools such as a flask, pyramid, bottle, Django Framework, etc. which helps in the development of software effectively and efficiently. In short, this enables to develop software in less time without increasing cost of development. For example- we can accelerate desktop GUI application development by using python GUI framework and toolkit.
  • Compatible with major platforms and systems: At present, Python is compatible with all the operating systems which means that the same code of python can be run on many different platforms without recompilations. This feature makes it easier for us to make changes in the codes without increasing the development time.
  • Readable and maintainable code: While creating an application developer must keep the maintenance and updating of application in mind, for that purpose quality of source code needs to be focused on. The syntax rule of python allows us to express the code without writing the additional code moreover it allows us to use English keywords rather than using punctuations, unlike other programming languages, which makes it easier even for a non technical person to read the code and understand it.
  • Simplifies complex software development: Python is general purpose programming language used for developing both websites and applications. Python is designed with the feature that enables data analysis and visualization which helps in developing the complex scientific and numeric applications. In fact, NASA actually uses python when they are programming their equipment and space machinery.
  • Robust standard library: Python’s large and robust library gives python an edge over another programming language. It offers a wide variety of modules according to the needs of the user which prevents us from writing additional codes. We can even gather information about various modules by browsing through the python standard library documentation.

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Python vs C++ vs Java

Python is not the only language used for the purpose of programming, there are many other programming languages in the market that too like; Java, C++, C, etc. Undoubtedly Python, Java, C++ are the most preferred programming language, pick up any list of best programming languages and this trio will the one at the top of the list, for sure. However, if one winner is to be chosen among these three then obviously there isn’t any concrete answer to this question as all three languages has its own advantages. So here a brief description about these three programming languages:

    Python Highlights
python latest news
  • Active community support and rapid development
  • Extensible to a greater degree
  • Free, open source, cross-platform
  • Easy-to-learn, clear syntax
  • High-level language with high readability and reliability
  • Active community support and rapid development
  • Object-oriented nature
  • Python programs are easy to modify for supporting different database engines
  • Used for prototyping and testing code that is later to be implemented using other programming languages
  • Batteries are included language

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Java Highlights
  • Designed for distributed computing
  • Easy to compile, debug, learn, and write
  • High degree of robustness
  • Multi threaded, capable of performing different tasks simultaneously within a program
  • Object-oriented, allows the creation of modular programs and reusable code
  • Platform-independent, easy to migrate from one system to another
  • Supports automatic memory allocation and garbage collection
    C++ Highlights
  • A wide range of applications, varying from simple GUI applications to vivid 3D games and real-time mathematical simulations
  • Efficient, fast, and powerful
  • Highly portable, a top choice for multi-device, multi-platform development
  • Object-oriented programming language leveraging classes, data abstraction and encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
  • Rich function library
  • Supports exception handling and function overloading
Interpreted Programming LanguageCompiled Programming LanguageCompiled Programming language
Supports Operator overloadingDoes not support Operator OverloadingSupports Operator overloading
Provide both single and multiple inheritanceProvide partial multiple inheritance using interfacesProvide both single and multiple inheritance
Platform IndependentPlatform IndependentPlatform dependent
Supports multithreadingHas in build multithreading supportDoes Not support threads
Has a huge set of libraries that make it fit for AI, datascience, etc.Code length is a bit lesser, 1.5 times less that javaHas limited number of library support
Smaller code length, 3-4 times less than java.Java has quite huge codeCode length is a bit lesser, 1.5 times less that java
Functions and variables can be declared and used outside the class also.
Every bit of code is inside a class.
Functions and variables are used outside the class
Due to the use of interpreter execution is slower.Java Program compiler a bit slower than C++C++ program is a fast compiling programming language.
Use of ; is not compulsory.Strictly uses syntax normslike punctuations , Strictly uses syntax norms like ; and {}

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