5 Content Marketing Trends in 2019-2020

09 Apr
5 Content Marketing Trends in 2019-2020

The axis of content marketing is continuously shifting its place considering the globe of customer’s fluctuations in choices in sync with the technical advancements. In this case, the analysis of customer behavior pops up as a huge challenge in developing the online marketing strategies.

Considering the customer’s response to different industries and their services and an in-depth analysis of the patterns so derived, is the formula for gaining insight into Content marketing Trends in 2019-2020.

Artificial Intelligence: A Boon to Content Marketing Sphere

If you are well verse to grasp the pulse of the customer online you have already covered half of the miles. Through scientifically derived concept of artificial Intelligence you will get acknowledged with the recent trends and about what is frequently searched online by your targeted customers.

Through analysis of consumer’s pattern online ethically. It is a smart way of monitoring the response of your customers to anything which relates to your business sphere. Digital marketing services provider carves out effective content marketing strategies to cop up with the burning trends for increasing the traffic on the site.

Image/ Infographic Marketing

“Images speaks louder than words”. If you belong to content marketing professional sphere than you must be familiar with the phrase. Image on the website can be used to create social campaigns online which will boost the visibility of your website. Relevancy is the key, posting relevant images along with the content surges up the possibility of witnessing increase in conversion rate.

Infographics on the other side is a creative idea of detailing any particular term in a creative way which automatically attracts visitors to your site and is bound to increase the traffic online. Various SEO services providers in India are keen towards reaping out maximum results through image marketing.

Blogging: The Best Way to Connect with Customers

Content marketing not only involves you but the customers with whom you are establishing a reliable bond through continuous interactive sessions. It is the initial stage of building trust of the customers by showing keen interest towards what their mind is inclined.  It is the basic strategy to walk into the shoes of the customer and read the mind.

Blogging is the perfect way to interact directly with your customers by posting an informative and interactive blog and writing from the mindset of the customer will be a plus point to increase your business sales.

Encourage the visitors to share their experience after reading the blog and this will help you know the customer behavior towards any product or services. Providers of Content marketing Services stress on the fact that do not write for yourself but for your customers.

Video Marketing: The Best Way to Create Engagement at Website

 One may casually miss over a good piece of content but no videos have witness zero views online so far. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube are the famous social media platforms which involves numerous videos with interesting content. Videos created with the purpose of marketing should be interesting and the customers could familiarize with.

Such engaging and personalized videos regulates the marketing patterns of a business online. Animated videos and live demos generate more traffic online. Grasp the right nerve and dominate the marketing industry online. Providers of SEO Service in India help your website gain visibility through proper video marketing strategies.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is the fresh trend which is gaining limelight in today’s world. Recording Podcast in the famous personality’s voice or getting listed over the famous radio station platform is the best way to reach out to your audience.

In fact, according to Forbes “A bonus of having your own show is that you then own the media and can advertise to your own following as much as you want at no extra cost”. A proper introduction and hosting through iTunes, Sound Cloud and Buzz sprout will definitely impact your content marketing sphere through podcasting in a grand way.

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